Robotics, IoT, Machine Learning Top Developer Priorities in 2016

Robotics, IoT, Machine Learning Top Developer Priorities in 2016

Developers are shifting their focus toward the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and robotics in 2016, according to a new report.

This is according to Evans Data Corporation’s Global Development Survey, which 1,400 developers around the globe completed.

The first key takeaway from the survey is that developers who work with big data analytics are spending the majority of their time developing new solutions for IoT. Large companies rely on these big data analytics to determine useful business information such as consumer behavior patterns or annual financial figures.

Developers rank the reasons they would consider switching cloud-based platforms.
Developers rank the reasons they would consider switching cloud-based platforms.

Forty-five percent of developers say that IoT development is “very important” to a manufacturer’s overall digital strategy. Thirty percent of all developers worldwide are creating IoT applications today.

The robotics, entertainment and automotive industries are the three most popular trades developers are focusing on today.

Fifty-seven percent of developers will be focusing on robotics, and 56 percent will be focused on using IoT to develop better entertainment.

Similar to IoT development, developers also rank machine learning and artificial intelligence as being “very important” to their digital strategies.

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The cloud is also expected to receive more developer attention in 2016. Increased attention to the cloud could enable more major manufacturers to offer home control solutions in the cloud.

Nearly one-third of all app developers globally (around 70 percent) are planning to build new apps on the cloud. More cloud development could help improve cybersecurity and functionality of cloud-enabled devices.

This focus on IoT, robotics and machine learning applications could help manufacturers bring more connected products to market sooner than anticipated.

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