Samsung Acquires Apple’s Siri Team to Focus on AI

Samsung Acquires Apple’s Siri Team to Focus on AI

Samsung is preparing to dive deeper into artificial intelligence with its acquisition of Viv, an artificial intelligence (AI) and voice control system responsible for creating Apple’s Siri.

Viv is a startup founded by the main creators of Apple’s voice activated assistant, Siri. The three creators left Apple to create Viv in 2012.

Since becoming a standalone company, Viv has developed solutions that improve and refine voice control and recognition. Two major developments include using conversational language to issue commands and programming the AI to write its own code to accomplish new tasks.

In addition to the developmental features, Viv also differs from Siri in a few other ways. Most notably, Viv has been an open-source platform since its inception and has enabled third-party developers to contribute new features.

This acquisition will enable Samsung to develop an AI-based open-source ecosystem that will span across all of its devices and services, namely to improve and streamline user interfaces.

The founders of Viv left Apple after Siri was acquired by the electronics giant.
The founders of Apple’s Siri could offer a solution for Samsung.

The Viv team will remain in tact and will help improve Samsung’s machine learning capabilities through the use of natural language processing, something that could help you market convenience and ease-of-use to your clients.

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Viv Co-founder Doug Kittlaus wants the technology to be ubiquitous across the connected home market. At the Disrupt NY tech conference, this year, Kittlaus had this to say about potentially working with Samsung, “They ship 500 million devices a year. You asked me about what our real goal is, and I said ubiquity.”

How this acquisition will impact Samsung’s home automation platform, SmartThings, has yet to be announced.

It can be assumed that most of the updates will affect the system’s backend, but Viv’s acquisition could also signal a Siri-alternative heading to Samsung screens. 

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