Samsung Devices to Connect to Competitors’

Samsung Devices to Connect to Competitors’

Samsung announced recently that the majority of its smart devices will be connected to those of its competitors.

According to Wall Street Journal, 90 percent of all Samsung’s smart devices will connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2017. All of its devices will connect to each other by 2020.

“It’s really important to deliver on this big European trend,” says Samsung’s vice president of marketing for Europe Rory O’Neill. From smartphones to appliances, European consumers have an average of 19 connected devices at home.

You can bet this trend will make its way into American households. It has already begun with many builders offering home automation as standard in new homes. If more companies like Samsung continue to embrace open standards for device inter-connectivity, the more consumers will embrace smart home technology.

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“We have to be completely open,” says O’Neill. “We also need cross-industry collaboration, between tech firms, car makers and watch makers, not just inter-industry collaboration.”

The first product to get the connected treatment will be Samsung’s new smart watch, Gear S2. It will connect with all Android smartphones running the 4.4 operating system and higher and will act as a remote for other devices. 

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