Savant Announces All-In-One Smart Host

Savant Announces All-In-One Smart Host

Savant is making an announcement this month that’ll surely appeal to the mid-market crowd.

The new Smart Host is less expensive and enables homebuyers to control lighting, climate, entertainment and security all using a single box that connects to the company’s App.

The new unit combines the functionality of a host and controller in a single unit and can help automate devices in up to 12 rooms. The Smart Host also works with Honeywell, Lutron, Sony and 5,000 other devices. Previously, the Savant host and the control portion cost about $1,400. The new host costs $999 dollars, so it’s 30 to 40 percent less to get a Savant System with the new smart host.

Savant's Metropolitan wireless lighting line is reinvented.
Savant’s Metropolitan wireless lighting line is reinvented.

“This has specifically been designed to be the one piece you need to go into the home to start,” says Tim McInerney of Savant Systems, “so builders can sell that as their base package that controls the theater room, lights on your front patio and then the homeowner can expand on that later.”

The Smart Host is also faster than the previous version, making it easier for integrators to load software. There’s a quad core processor inside, so it can handle a lot more devices.

Savant has also unveiled the reinvented Metropolitan wireless lighting line, which includes switches, dimmers, fan controllers and keypads that offer both dimming and volume control.

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