Saving Parents’ Time with Tech & Community

Saving Parents’ Time with Tech & Community



Time is money. It’s an age old expression that The Neighborhoods of EYA takes to heart, utilizing a combination of community and tech to appeal to parents and professionals by saving them time.

“Everybody values their time nowadays,” says Preston Innerst, VP of sales and marketing for EYA.

And whether it’s busy professionals, working or stay at home parents or downsizing empty nesters, EYA consistently sees a trend of people moving out of the suburbs and relocating to these close knit communities where time is saved by not having to spend so much of one’s day driving a car.

Building with this mindset is something that has proven to be majorly successful for EYA, and is an exceptional model to follow in your own business.

Community Standard

Courtesy of The Neighborhoods of EYA.
Courtesy of The Neighborhoods of EYA.

Community plays a major role in where buyers choose to live, and The Neighborhoods of EYA understands this concept. In fact, it drives the builder’s entire business.

“If you look at our name and logo, the proof is right there,” says Innerst. “It’s The Neighborhoods of EYA, not EYA Homes. Community design is paramount in what we do.”

EYA has built its reputation on this notion. Since 1992, it has built more than 4,000 homes in more than 30 neighborhoods across the Washington Metropolitan area. Within these communities, EYA crafts a mindful combination of walkable neighborhoods, meticulously planned spaces and stunning architecture that has earned the company accolades over the course of its lifespan.

EYA’s combination of both these community ideals and a focus on technology that helps everyone from parents to professionals live easier, more efficient lives, making it an honorable example to follow.

Appealing to Parents

EYA’s technology emphasis appeals greatly to the working parent, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, the company offers excellent instances of how tech can appeal to women and moms.

And when it comes to parents, Innerst sees two main trends appealing to the demographic—notifications and simplicity.

“For mothers and fathers, if there’s a child in the house going outside, they want the door to chime. If there’s a child coming home from school while they’re at work, they can get an email letting them know their son or daughter has arrived home,” says Innerst.

As for simplicity, EYA has noticed an increased demand for using singular apps to accomplish multiple tasks.

“We see a growing trend of moms who really like the simple idea of ‘Hey, I push one button and it sets my security, turns off my lights and lowers my thermostat.’”


Moms Have It Made in Women-Focused Community

Home Tech That Even Moms Will Love

“Wow” Factor of Women-Centric Building

Technology-Driven Marketing

While EYA has a prominent demographic of parents and professionals, its community-focus and tech integration grants the company wide appeal among a varied audience of buyers. And during the purchasing process, EYA makes sure that tech is part of the initial conversation.

“All of our homebuyers meet with a structured wire home automation vendor, so they are able to customize the house, ultimately, whenever they want,” says Innerst, who adds that there is varied degrees of interest regarding technology among purchasers.

In addition to meeting with vendors, EYA’s sales department uses active technology displays, so buyers can see firsthand what will be included in their homes and how to use it.

Among its technologies, Innerst notes that home automation and entertainment seem to be the most popularly demanded items. The most used technologies integrated into EYA’s homes are the Savant and ELAN system for home automation, as well as for security.

“We seem to be getting good responses out of all three of those brands,” says Innerst.



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