Scientists Develop Graphene-Based IAQ Sensor

Scientists Develop Graphene-Based IAQ Sensor

Scientists have developed a graphene-based sensor that detects pollutants in the air, helping builders market homes with exceptional indoor air quality (IAQ).

This new sensor system is being developed by scientists from the University of Southampton and the Japan Institute of Science and Technology, and its main goal is to detect indoor pollutants that can impact homebuyer health.

The teams used graphene, an extremely thin layer of pure carbon, for the sensor. Graphene is the thinnest and lightest material on Earth and was chosen for being highly sensitive around chemical gasses, according to the team’s research paper.

The graphene enables the sensor to detect gasses with low concentrations of parts per billion (ppm). This is a significant achievement because all environmental sensors currently on the market can detect pollutants only with concentrations of parts per million (ppm). 

A close-up of the graphene molecule and setup that was used in the sensor.
A close-up of the graphene molecule and setup that was used in the sensor.

Due to the advanced detection capabilities, the sensor can detect every CO2 molecule, as well as individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are commonly found within a home’s interior.

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In order to test the sensor’s effectiveness, the team put the sensor through a series of stress-test simulations that bombarded it with pollutants and molecules.

This new development is good news for builders looking to capitalize on the healthy home trend, as it can help you market homes with advanced IAQ capabilities. 

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