Smart Charging Stations Respond to Uptick in Electric Cars

Smart Charging Stations Respond to Uptick in Electric Cars


Americans drive the most electric cars out of any other country in the world, with approximately 350,000 electric vehicles on the roads.

That number continues to skyrocket as major automakers get in line to capitalize on the growing trend. And with more electric vehicles, builders need to keep in mind that homebuyers need a way to charge them.

“We think we are going to see a real strong spurt in the market between 2016-2020,” said Dimitrios Papadogonas, VP of marketing at ChargePoint.  

And ChargePoint is looking to make bank off that surge by entering the home charging market with the first smart charger.

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The company originally entered the car charging market in 2008. The business has since exploded with more than 25,000 public chargers throughout the U.S. and  a demanding 70 percent market share.

ChargePoint and Car Charging Alternatives



ChargePoint's smart charger features a clean compact look
ChargePoint’s smart charger features a clean, compact look.

ChargePoint’s Compact Unit

  • It’s 7 inches wide and 11 inches high.
  • Charging cords are between 12 to 25 feet.
  • Can charge up to 25 miles of Range per Hour (RPH) with the 32 amp model and 12 miles of RPH for the 16 amp model.
  • Communicates with smart thermostats to hold off charging until non-peak hours, resulting in further savings.
  • Wi-Fi enabled, so homeowners can easily add ChargePoint to their existing smart home interface.
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