Head-to-Head: Smart Glass v. Shades

Head-to-Head: Smart Glass v. Shades


When it comes to building the healthy home, it may sometimes prove overwhelming when faced with decisions regarding which types of technologies to integrate into the project.

What kind of lights are best? Does the rooftop support solar? What kind of HVAC system should you use to ensure the healthiest indoor air quality possible?

And then, of course, there are essential elements that must go into every residence, whether it be a TecHome or not. This refers to the basics, such as floors, doors and windows. But these rudimentary aspects of the home have already begun embracing technological elements, and builders should pay close attention to where these trends are going.



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Smart Windows vs. Shades

What are the best solutions for windows in the healthy home?
What are the best solutions for windows in the healthy home?

When builders are transforming windows for the TecHome, there are two major routes they can choose. It’s often a decision between motorized roller shades or smart/switchable glass.

The former involves motorized shades or blinds that can be controlled remotely and often sync up with home automation systems. The latter refers to a unique type of glass solution that is able to alter its properties from clear to opaque in essentially an instant via a manipulated voltage.

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