Smart Home Monitoring Robot Available Worldwide

Smart Home Monitoring Robot Available Worldwide

The smart home robotics industry is growing, as iPatrol announces the worldwide launch of a night-vision-enabled, HD camera robot called Riley.

According to the press release, Riley senses motion and then notifies homebuyers of anything suspicious via a smartphone app. The robot also records and saves HD video, which can be reviewed from anywhere in the world. Using the smartphone app, Riley can also be remotely directed to investigate and capture additional footage.

The robot is built to move seamlessly around the house. Using rugged tank treads as wheels, Riley is able to scale even steep surfaces and prop itself back up if knocked over.

In addition to the security functions in this robot, Riley also serves as pet/child companion or monitoring tool. Using the integrated microphone and speaker, the owner can interact with pets or family members while they are out. 

The two-way communication provided from the integrated microphone also means that in the event of an emergency, such as during a break-in, homebuyers can speak through Riley to alert unwanted guests that police are on the way.


This cross-section shows Riley's tech features.
This cross-section diagram from iPatrol shows Riley’s tech features.

It’s also worth noting, Riley is a second-generation product that has been re-engineered to improve key features. The new model has a more powerful camera (five megapixels versus three) and a longer battery life between charges.

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Its worldwide launch follows successful crowdfunding on Indiegogo, which surpassed its goal by over 300 percent. This massive investment from consumers indicates that more buyers are eager to test out the connected capabilities of a social robot in the smart home.

A smart home robot can be a unique selling point for luxury clients looking to safeguard their home from intruders.

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