Smart Home Tech Will Expand to 30 Million Homes

Smart Home Tech Will Expand to 30 Million Homes

A new survey of nearly 1,300 U.S. consumers is providing insights into the immediate future of smart home adoption, with 30 million households projected to add new technologies over the next year.

Results were released today for The Safe & Smart Home: Security in the Smart Home Era, a survey executed by August Home and Xfinity Home. The findings include projected smart home adoption statistics and which technologies appeal most to consumers.

The survey found nearly 18 percent of respondents are planning to buy at least one new smart home product over the next year, and 56 percent of respondents already have at least one piece of technology installed. Twelve percent of respondents who have never used smart home technology stated they planned on buying a product within the year.

The U.S. Bureau of the Census for 2015 indicated there are 124,600,000 households in the country. These survey results calculate to a growth of 30 million homes adopting smart home technology over the course of the next 12 months.

This survey comes on the heels of another study released this week, which states that using home technology boosts a builder’s bottom line.

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The most prominent appeals of smart home adoption were family safety/security (63 percent), with convenience coming in second. Fifty-four percent of respondents desired the ability for integrated light control after dark, and 22 percent sought remote access to service providers.

The most in-demand products for consumers are also security related, including connected cameras (40 percent), video doorbells (26 percent), connected light bulbs (19 percent) and smart locks (13 percent).

“Smart home technology is creating a new paradigm for home security,” says Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home Inc, in a press release. “The new era of smart security and smart home products offer consumers visibility and control over their homes that previously had not been available with traditional security systems.”


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