Smart HVAC: A Breath of Fresh Air

Smart HVAC: A Breath of Fresh Air

Regardless of where you build or what price point you’re hitting, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is a concern for your clients. And addressing those concerns can put you a cut above the rest.

Builders can start by constructing their homes to comply with the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS Program, which builds off the Energy Star efficiency system to create sustainable and healthy homes.

C&B Custom Homes in Arizona is implementing this strategy. It offers products and practices that comply with the program as standard, and it is currently one of only four small builders recognized this year for excellence in the program.

Air quality monitors like Eve can help improve IAQ by alerting homebuyers of air purity levels
Air monitors like Eve can improve IAQ by alerting homebuyers of air purity levels

Bullock offers a perspective production builders can learn from, as the demand for a healthy home rapidly grows.

“We have noticed that buyers are much more aware, even educated when it comes to energy efficiency. That means high tech HVAC and controls,” says Bill Bullock, president of C&B Custom Homes. 

After the home has been constructed to meet the EPA’s standards, builders can install additional tech to monitor and improve indoor air quality.

Air monitors constantly take in data on the level of purity in any given room. That data is then sent to the homebuyer, so they can track their air.

Bullock encourages builders to install these technologies in order to stand out in their market by giving clients peace of mind.

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Venmar's high efficiency ERVs constantly cycle air to improve indoor air quality
Venmar’s high efficiency ERVs constantly cycle air to improve indoor air quality

Whole House Air Purity Systems:

The first line of defense comes in the form of smart air purity systems that actively filter out pollutants and are equally energy efficient.

High efficiency energy recover ventilators, such as the Venmar 44162 unit, increase air quality by balancing moisture levels and bringing in fresh outdoor air while expelling stale indoor air.

C&B Custom Homes uses natural gas Goodman furnaces as standard to increase efficiency and indoor air quality. Goodman furnaces come with an air cleaner and humidifier to make sure only clean air is used for the home’s HVAC needs.

Air Conditioners also improve air quality by lowering humidity levels and slowing the growth of mold. AC units like the Lennox XC20 get up to 20 SEER and are Energy Star certified.

When installing central air conditioners, builders should be looking for models with high SEER ratings. SEER is a measure of efficiency and C&B recommends a minimum of 16 used. 

Air Quality Monitors:

Air quality monitors constantly take in data on IAQ
Air quality monitors constantly take in data on IAQ

The final line of defense comes in the form of additional air quality monitors that can be installed around the house. These monitors are connected to a smartphone for constant monitoring.

CubeSensors work wirelessly to constantly send air quality data to smartphones and computers. They also offer suggestions on how to improve the purity in each room.

Eve by Elgato works with Apple’s HomeKit to monitor factors that affect air quality such as temperature, pressure and humidity.

While these monitors aren’t hardwired in, builders can offer this tech to be able to market a clean and healthy home, something that C&B Custom Homes say your clients will be looking for.

“We actually have clients say they feel better when they are in our houses. The criteria that we meet under the Indoor airPLUS program guarantees a very healthy home,” says Bullock.


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