Smart Lights Enhance ‘Sharknado’ and More

Smart Lights Enhance ‘Sharknado’ and More


The growing influence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the smart home is setting the course for the next big wave in absorbing audiences—smart lighting.

It was nearly seven years ago that the latest in 3D technology went from multiplexes around the world to HDTVs in the home, creating a truly immersive entertainment experiences for consumers of media content. Now, it is lighting’s turn.

Philips Hue connected light bulbs are making massive strides in the industry by syncing up with a myriad of media, from video games to films to music.

The concept is simple. By implementing Hue into a smart home’s entertainment system and syncing it through apps, your homebuyers can enhance their experience via a linked lighting control system, blending the illuminations of the bulbs to various realms of media.


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Hue’s Success With “Sharknado” and “Chariot”

Light up SyFy's latest campy thrill ride with a specialized lighting app for the network
Light up the latest campy thrill ride with a specialized lighting app designed just for SyFy.

Recent examples include Hue’s collaboration with Frima Entertainment, which produces the co-op video game “Chariot” for the Xbox One console.

If users connect their game with Philips Hue lighting, the bulbs’ brightness and colors will work in concert with the gameplay to create an interactive lightshow synced up to what’s on screen.

Hue also has a partnership with TV network SyFy, where users can utilize the app “Syfy Sync” to harmonize their Hue bulbs with the latest SyFy original movie “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” or the channel’s “12 Monkeys” TV series.

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Hue and SyFy have teamed up in the past to create more sensational experiences out of the first two “Sharknado” films.

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