Smartphone, Smart Home

Smartphone, Smart Home

Smart phones have become essential for controlling smart home connectivity, leading to a greener lifestyle. Photo courtesy of Lutron and enerG.

Everywhere I go people are showing me their smartphones or their tablets. And they are not showing me photos of their kids or cats.

Smart home connectivity is in demand today—and provides a serious WOW factor that will help close sales.

The latest e-device show-and-tell took place last week at the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) Expo in Denver, where home control was big, big, BIG. People there couldn’t resist showing me how they operate home features from lights to door locks to thermostats and more-on their smartphones and tablets. It’s also common to view video from web-based security cameras via mobile devices and to check a home’s energy consumption. I only viewed two pictures of kids, and absolutely zero cats.

The “connected home” movement isn’t new. It’s been going on for a while. Home electronic devices or systems without mobile apps are like…well…YouTube without cat videos. Simply put, mobile apps have become a necessity. And home control via a smartphone or tablet is quickly becoming the same. Not only is it cool and fun, home control systems provide remote connectivity to a home, so you can check on web cams to see who has come home, adjust the lights or unlock doors. Many people even like controlling their thermostats from smartphones, when they would never program them at home. These aren’t just convenience features; they can be considered necessities for today’s hectic, on-the-go lifestyles. Some systems also boast geo-location services that use the GPS on a smartphone to see how far you are from home and adjust the thermostat to the temperature you desire when you get there.

Again, this is nothing brand new. But we’re seeing it more and more in connected home products and services being offered. Also watch for voice-activated systems.

This kind of smart home connectivity needs to be offered as a feature in new homes. It’s in demand today—and provides a serious WOW factor that will help close sales. This cannot be understated. Neither can the fact that such features are no longer restricted to the high-end custom market for luxury homes. Cost-effective systems are available for all homebuilders: custom and production, single and multifamily, large and small. This month TecHome Builder will explore the benefits and opportunities for offering such home control and automation, as well as energy-saving green features and systems.

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