A Solar Surge on the Horizon?

A Solar Surge on the Horizon?

Solar power can lure in energy-conscious and green-minded homebuyers, and now a new report shows household interest in solar is continuing to rise.

According to a new Parks’ Associates report, four percent of all U.S. broadband households now use solar power to offset utility costs. In 2013, only two percent of households used solar.

The report also shows a possible surge in installations due to consumer interest, as seven percent of households plan to purchase solar in the next year.  

This new report is good news for green builders as it shows that more homebuyers are interested in solar power, and that by offering an alternative energy source as a standard you can stand out.

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Homebuyer interest in solar installations continue to rise annually.
Homebuyer interest in solar continues to rise annually.

Parks’ report also points to an increased interest by homebuyers in an energy management system that allows them to disconnect from the electric grid or modify the home’s energy usage. With that said, builders who tie rooftop solar into the home’s platform can market an energy management system and alternative power source as a standard. This speaks to customers interested in an efficient and controllable home.

If solar installation costs continue to fall while demand grows, more builders will be able to count on solar as a way to easily stand out from the competition.

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