Sony in Stare Down with Google Glass

Sony in Stare Down with Google Glass

Sony has announced a prototype head-mounted display that can attach to eye glasses and display information to the wearer on it’s high-res OLED module.

Sony’s Single-Lens Display Module is a high-resolution OLED screen that can be used for applications such as showing distance maps during golf games (I think that would be cheating though).

A prototype version of the new device called “SmartEyeglass Attach!” is slated to be shown off at CES 2015 next month in Las Vegas.

Sony,  Single-Lens Display Module
Sony’s wearable device will help measure speed, direction and other movements in the wearer, but wearing it on a golf course sounds like cheating.

The 40-gram set consists of a band that goes around the back of a user’s head, with electronics on either arm. The control board on the right side contains a processor, sensor hub and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. The unit has an electronic compass, accelerometer and a touch sensor for manipulating and selecting display contents.

The 0.23-inch color OLED microdisplay, which Sony says is one of the smallest in the world, has a resolution of 640-by-400 pixels, which is slightly better than Glass at 640-by-360. It extends from the board and an optical unit reflecting the display contents is positioned near the right eye so vision isn’t blocked.

Because the module is easy to attach and remove it can be worn when you want to (because Google Glass was so hard to remove apparently). Sony’s new module presents the opportunity to begin incorporating glasses-style smart devices into your life in a comfortable, easy way.

Sony is aiming to start mass production of this display module within the coming year. It is looking to provide the product to a wide variety of potential customers, from eyewear makers whose pieces are tailored for specific uses such as sports or entertainment, to electronics manufacturers who are considering pairing their products with wearable devices, to companies that provide business solutions utilizing wearable devices.

Making the Single-Lens Display Module available to a range of outlets, and providing software development kits to its partners, Sony hopes to promote the adoption of wearable devices and grow the market.

It’s not on par with Geordi LaForge’s VISOR, but it’s still pretty cool.


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