Soundproofing is Key to Forge Flawless Man Cave for Dad

Soundproofing is Key to Forge Flawless Man Cave for Dad

Sometimes, dads just need to relax, and a luxury, personalized man cave is a perfect option for clients who can afford it and builders willing to go the extra mile.

However, there are details to adhere to, and they could be make or break for the final product.

Michael Pope, CEO and founder of Audio Video Interiors, points to a home theater project he is currently working on involving a luxury client. There is a spiral staircase attached to the theater, leading up to the formal community entertainment room of the home.

Pope explained to the homeowner that people would be able to hear the theater room from upstairs, but the client insisted the 6-inch concrete between the two rooms would prevent this from happening.

“No,” replied Pope. “You’re going to hear it … a lot.”

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All About That Bass (And Keeping it Contained)


Pope insists that the builder on this project did nothing wrong, as the original designer should have been the one to think about this issue. Either way, the client had to start from scratch in order to control the sound within the space.

“The area I see the most abused is acoustics,” says Pope. “Most people don’t know how to do that correctly, either to keep the sound from leaving the room or controlling the sound coming into it.”

Pope notes that a theater in the basement with a lot of horsepower in the speakers—such as the aforementioned project—will result in rumbles and vibration upstairs. This is because the bass travels through the structure of the building.

“Bass is the biggest problem in any theater room,” says Pope.

In order to eliminate this, builders need to attempt to isolate the man cave from the structure of the building or, as Pope calls it, construct a “room within a room.”

“Try to keep the ceiling and walls separate from the structure of the house, so that the bass has nowhere to go but stay inside the room,” says Pope, stressing the importance of placing an emphasis on construction during the initial building process.

...and after.
…and after.

Products and Network Infrastructure

As for products, Pope has found success with various products throughout his career. Audio Video Interiors has produced award-winning theater rooms using technology from JBL Synthesis, as well as achievements with Pro Audio and Macintosh products.

“However, it’s not a matter of what brand you use but rather making sure you pay attention to the acoustics in the room, choose the right types of speakers and make sure somebody with skill tunes the room,” says Pope.

Pope also considers the lack of robust network systems a major problem in the industry, if not the biggest. “I see a lot of companies just install systems and leave,” says Pope. “Then, a client will integrate new elements into their Wi-Fi network and it wrecks the system.”

He believes the best solution for solving these issues is installing a strong pre-wired infrastructure first, then placing a reliable and fast wireless network on top of this.

All of these constructive considerations will make the difference for dads everywhere, as well as anybody pursuing customized hangout spaces, music rooms and home theaters alike.

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A home theater project from Audio Video Interiors.
A home theater project from Audio Video Interiors.

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