Special Report: The Energy Advantage

Special Report: The Energy Advantage

Energy efficiency is more important than ever, and consumers have come to expect it in new homes.

What can even the greenest homebuilders do to continue to differentiate themselves from inefficient homes and their competitors? AE Analytics has identified 13 growth areas for efficiency technologies in homes.

This guide will help homebuilders sift through options from energy monitoring and management systems to efficient HVAC and appliances to solar and renewable energies.

Homebuilders will see what is best for them—and their homebuyers—charting the ideal route to affordable and cost-effective Net Zero homes that produce all of their own energy.

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This publication includes expert, insider analysis for forward-thinking builders and tech-manufacturers, covering:


Welcome to the Era of the Smart Energy Home

With today’s home energy innovations, such as solar thermal and home control systems, homebuilding will never be the same. High-volume builders like KB Home, Meritage Homes and Garbett Homes are joining the custom builders in marketing energy efficient and net-zero houses that produce almost all of their own energy.


Market Overview

Studies are showing that green homes are in. In fact, McGraw Hill Construction’s 2014 Green Home Builders and Remodelers Study estimates that the green home market will be as big as $105 billion by 2016. Find out the biggest market drivers to cash in on the boom and other key research findings.


Home Energy Must-Haves

Efficient HVAC systems are practically standard in new homes, while water saving features are becoming critical in climates with water shortages and droughts.


Top 5 Home Energy Opportunities

According to a TecHome Builder survey, energy monitoring and management has the biggest market growth rate out of any home energy opportunity at 144 percent. In 2014, an average of 18 percent of homes incorporated them, while an estimated 43 percent of homes will have them installed in 2016. Also rounding out the list were LEDs, smart and connected thermostats, automated lighting control and tankless and hybrid water heaters.


Emerging Home Energy Opportunities

Other home energy opportunities might not be ready for the prime time, but many like solar PV, solar thermal and geothermal heating and cooling are poised for major growth. Technologies like motorized shading, backup generators and automated ventilation systems can also be solid, safe bets by more niche-oriented custom homebuilders.

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