Holiday Security Fears Can Lead to a Lucrative Outdoor Tech Deal

Holiday Security Fears Can Lead to a Lucrative Outdoor Tech Deal

A new study indicates that most Americans are concerned about outdoor security and privacy. Builders can address this apprehension and close a bigger tech sale by including devices that monitor outdoor areas for threats.

According to a new study commissioned by Vivint Smart Home, nearly 75 percent of Americans are concerned about outdoor porch privacy and security when away from the home.

Because of these security fears, almost half of those surveyed said they have changed the ways they receive packages or have stopped online shopping altogether. Builders and integrators can offer a solution by including devices and systems that let delivery people inside or alert a homebuyer when a car or person enters the property line.

Infrared proximity sensors can trigger outdoor security cameras to kick on when motion is detected to monitor an intruder as they approach the home, while a video doorbell system from Ring or Skybell can accurately identify the person when they walk onto the patio.  

When building for luxury, devices and systems such as automated security gates and smart lights can help secure your client’s yard while maintaining the home’s luxurious appearance.

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Outdoor security cameras are an easy way to reduce security fears.
Outdoor security cameras are an easy way to reduce security fears.

The study also found that approximately 90 percent of Americans have not installed outdoor surveillance tech. Additionally, multifamily and high-volume townhouses are prime targets for outdoor crime and require increased security.

In multifamily or high-volume communities, builders should work with integrators to include technology that automatically monitors and records public spaces any time motion is detected.

This is the perfect time to include outdoor security tech due to the influx of delivery packages during the holidays. The UPS estimates that it will deliver 5 million packages per day this holiday season.

Including security devices that monitor the property or systems that let delivery people inside can help you convince clients to rely on tech instead of changing their behaviors. This can be a great marketing point, especially among demographics that regularly shop online.

Builders and integrators should consult with the homebuyer to determine their online shopping behavior and whether a connected garage or smart lock system to remotely let in delivery people is a viable option.

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