Target Moves Past Testing, Opens Complete Smart Home Store

Target Moves Past Testing, Opens Complete Smart Home Store

Retail giant Target’s smart home experiment could bring more IoT-focused stores to the market.

Last year, Target unveiled a first-of-its-kind Internet of Things store in San Francisco that focuses on smart home devices and the smart home market. Now, the retailer is moving past the testing phase and opening a new Minnesota-based smart home store.

The Minnesota store won’t be as elaborate as San Francisco’s, which features interactive touchscreen tables, but it will feature large displays above available smart devices. The purpose is to show how a particular device interacts with other systems in a smart home.

This smart cooking display shows devices that can go in the kitchen to assist with cooking tasks.
This smart cooking display shows devices that can go in the kitchen to assist with cooking tasks.

By putting related devices together in one display, Target is able to emphasize scenarios where connected tech can make life easier for homeowners. For example, a display that shows how smart lights and a connected audio system work together can help increase appeal by showing realistic examples of the tech in action.

These devices are split into six tabletop displays: Cooking, Nurture and Play, Manage Your Day, Rest and Relax, Safe and Sound and Well Being.

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The store also differs from Target’s flagship smart home store because the displays are comprised of individual devices, not on whole-home automation. Hubs that link together multiple devices are surprisingly not on display at the Minnesota store, while they were on display at the San Francisco store.

Target does fall short, however, in its exclusion of home automation hubs. installation service and after-market support is also not included.

While the lack of post-sale service is fine for tech-minded consumers who pride themselves on DIY, typical homebuyers who just want their connected home to work are left stranded. Remember that message when convincing consumers to opt for professionally installed systems.

Also keep in mind, stores like this can help you open up the conversation with clients regarding the type of tech they expect in their new home. By walking them through the six scenarios Target has in the new store, you can help them better understand the role smart tech can play in their lives.

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