TECH SHOWCASE: Fully Integrated Home Wins Big at CEDIA

TECH SHOWCASE: Fully Integrated Home Wins Big at CEDIA


A home designed to “live” in unison with its family of homeowners won big at this year’s CEDIA event, awarded the 2016 CEDIA Asia Pacific and Global award for “Best Integrated Home.”

The client’s vision for the home aimed to make it part of the family— “a unique, comfortable and secure environment for all family members to gather and enjoy,” as described by Craig Samson, managing director of integration company, Look and Listen.

scrollSamson’s company, along with Dion Seminara Architects and Chapman Builders, met the client’s desires through an abundance of connected technology. Biometric security, Savant automation, audio control and elaborate HVAC systems are among the integrated solutions that give this home a life of its own.

“Careful planning of every aspect became absolutely crucial to achieving the levels expected,” says Samson.

Take a tour through this luxurious, fully connected property and see for yourself what an award-winning TecHome looks like.

TOUR This Luxurious Revival of Historic 1913 Home


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Security and Biometrics

dkp_ds_herbertson2m-73“High on the client’s list was security, he wanted to ensure that all family members and guests had easy and simple keyless access to the property at all times,” says Samson.

To adhere to his client’s requests, Samson integrated simplified keyless secure access to the property using biometric scanner technology. The home also features high performance Canon PTZ cameras for full surveillance coverage and a Ness M1 monitored secured system with back to base monitoring.

All security panel functionality is integrated into the Savant automation system, and all zones are monitored for live event feedback. The clients can easily arm, disarm and allow access when away from the property.

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