TecHome New Year’s Resolutions: Builders Share Plans and Predictions for 2017

TecHome New Year’s Resolutions: Builders Share Plans and Predictions for 2017



We’ve experienced rapid acceleration in terms of technology in the home this past year, and 2017 will push the gas pedal down even farther, as the industry continues its inevitable incline.

Rising trends such as voice control, virtual reality, energy efficiency and more are all on the radars of TecHome professionals, as they reflect on their growth in 2016 and look forward to the many opportunities that 2017 may bring. TecHome Builder gathered the resolutions, plans and predictions from a variety of industry builders, integrators and specialists to determine how they plan to boost their 2017 business with technology.

These insights may end up helping you on your own projects in 2017, and TecHome Builder wishes all of those reading the best of luck on future endeavors and, of course, a very happy New Year.

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Remote Managed Services

“2017 is the year Remote Managed Services starts to mature as a category, and we resolve to help lead the charge! We’re excited about improving our Remote Managed Services offering and continuing to refine our products to help simplify technology for our clients.”

Henry Clifford

President, Livewire

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