TecHome Refresh: Weekly Video Update, July 11

TecHome Refresh offers “quick hits” of the content we are working on.

Staff writer Michael Black leads this week’s TecHome Refresh, going over our top stories from last week and some hot topics to look forward to this week.

First, national homebuilder Lennar is focusing on more than just its new deal with Apple. We explore the homebuilding giant’s new “Everything’s Included” community in Orlando, Fla. Plus, we uncover a way to streamline the homebuilding process and sell more homes using BLE beacon technology. And, another car manufacturer is jumping on the connected car bandwagon with the help of LG Electronics.

But first, coming up this week …

TecHome Builder will take a deeper look into why these car manufacturers are getting on board with the connected home and what it could mean for the industry.

Plus, tour a unique townhome that presents some obstacles for integrators due to its size.

TecHome Refresh is shot every Monday, is posted on our social media pages and goes out in Tuesday’s Insights newsletter. If you have any comments or ideas for stories you’d like to see us cover, write them in the comment section below.

About The Author

Michael Black is a staff writer and content coordinator at TecHome Builder. He has a particular interest in new solar developments and smart energy systems and is always looking for the next smart home trend to cover. As the youngest member of the TecHome team, Michael brings a passion that keeps the team energized. He also is instrumental in leading our social media efforts.

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