TecHome Refresh: Weekly Video Update, October 18

TecHome Refresh offers “quick hits” of the content we are working on.

Staff writer Michael Black leads this week’s TecHome Refresh, going over our top stories from last week and some hot topics to look forward to this week.

First, let’s focus on last week …

We explore Greenbuild 2016 and share three top takeaways for builders who couldn’t attend the event. Also hear about four factors driving Florida’s multifamily boom, plus Colorado’s thriving solar market is the next state in our ongoing Solar Series!

Now, here are the stories you can look forward to this week …

We get the exclusive from tiny apartment innovator Professor Dumpster, who’s speaking at this year’s TecHome Builder Summits, about his big idea for the multifamily market. Also, read our next TecHome Tutorial on lighting and electrical tech, where we give you a quick look at everything you need to know. And hear from a green builder who is using compact homes to reach three lucrative demographics.

If you have any comments or ideas for stories you’d like to see us cover, please tell us in the comment section below.

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About The Author

Michael Black is a staff writer and content coordinator at TecHome Builder. He has a particular interest in new solar developments and smart energy systems and is always looking for the next smart home trend to cover. As the youngest member of the TecHome team, Michael brings a passion that keeps the team energized. He also is instrumental in leading our social media efforts.

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