TecHome Trends of the NFL Elite

TecHome Trends of the NFL Elite

[tps_header]The attraction of owning a connected, smart home has grown exponentially over the years. With this development, comes increasing interest from some of the media’s most notable figures.

Here at TecHome Builder, we’ve gotten the opportunity to glance inside the homes of famous stars such as music icons Beyoncé and 50 Cent, as well as NBA players Lebron James and Kevin Durant.

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Now, we’ve got football fever, and from what we can ascertain, many of the NFL’s top names have been struck with smart home fever. 

We’re talking about luxurious home theaters, motorized bar accessibility, residential elevators, security systems, home control and remote connectivity for these star players who frequently travel.

Tour the top smart home trends of the NFL elite:


[tps_title]Jerry Rice’s Smart Silicon Valley Home[/tps_title]

NFL Legend Jerry Rice
NFL Legend Jerry Rice.

Jerry Rice is a three-time Super Bowl champ and is considered one of the all-time NFL greats.

The entrance to Jerry Rice's electronic-heavy mansion
The entrance to Jerry Rice’s tech-rich mansion.

A wide receiver who spent 20 years in the NFL, 15 of which were for the San Francisco 49ers, Rice is the all-time leader in most major statistical categories for wide receivers.

Back in 2013, Rice sold the smart home he was living in—one that indubitably matched up to his legendary status as a player. The home sits in the heart of Silicon Valley, and it features technology to match the revolutionary development landscape where it resides.

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