Tesla Steers Towards Augmented Reality with Recent Hire

Tesla Steers Towards Augmented Reality with Recent Hire

A recent hire at Tesla could mean big things for the motor company … and even bigger things for the TecHome.

After last week’s announcement of a partnership with Wink that introduced integrated smart home control with connected car startup Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE), Tesla is making news again with another huge move towards the future. According to reports, the company has hired Milan Kovak from SKULLY, an expert in augmented reality and heads-up display (HUD).

Until last week, Kovak was Principal Engineer at SKULLY, where he oversaw the creation of the first augmented reality motorcycle helmet that was equipped with a built-in HUD. He has now joined Tesla as Staff Software Engineer on their Autopilot project.

The HUD helmet, from SKULLY.
The HUD helmet, from SKULLY.

What could this mean for the TecHome builder? Considering Tesla’s recent Wink partnership to add smart home control to their upcoming vehicle models, a new venture into augmented reality and HUD technologies could bring this type of control even further into the future.

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Kovak has also worked in the past for Belgian company, Softkinetic,  the “world’s leading provider of 3D vision and gesture recognition solution.” Blending all of these elements of smart home connection, gesture control, 3D HUD technology and augmented reality means major shifts for the industry, and will continue to bring together areas where clients spend most of their time – the car and the home.

Time will tell where Tesla is truly going with its current partnerships, hires and upcoming innovations, but it is undeniably exciting. And for builders, staying on Tesla’s tail could pay huge dividends in the long run, as the industry potential of this motor company only seems to be rising.

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