Tesla’s New Addition to the Smart Home

Tesla’s New Addition to the Smart Home

A new partnership between Wink and connected car startup Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE) will introduce smart home control to Tesla.

According to TESLARati, the popular Eve for Tesla dashboard app will be expanded to include interoperability and control with connected smart home devices in a new app called EVE Connect.

EVE Connect will be accessible on the large built-in touchscreen tablet located in the dashboards of the Model X and Model S cars.

The new service aims to introduce control over the home’s lighting, security, HVAC and connected devices from the seat of the car. 

The EVE Connect platform will incorporate a range of apps, including weather forecasts and scheduling that will help to improve control over the home. For example, the homebuyer could see that it is likely to rain later and use EVE Connect to lower shades and raise the home’s temperature.

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Eve Connect can control the home's systems from the car.
Eve Connect can control the home’s systems from the car.

This new partnership relies on the Wink home automation hub. Builders and integrators would integrate the home as usual but with one extra step, showing the homebuyer how to change device settings from outside the home.

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The app is capable of detecting three events that would impact home control–when the homebuyer is leaving, on the way home and arriving in the driveway. 

Each event would then trigger a series of smart home actions. For example, when the car is heading home, the multi-room audio system would kick on, and outside smart lights would light up.

This new service shows Tesla’s commitment to driving into the smart home market. There’s already been a lot of hype over the automotive giant’s release of the home battery, PowerWall. And with this new addition of home control, only time will tell what Tesla plans to introduce next for the connected home market.

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