The Thanksgiving TecHome: Cooking and Entertaining

The Thanksgiving TecHome: Cooking and Entertaining


This Thanksgiving, homeowners around the country will remember what they’re thankful for, and if they’re living in a smart home with the right amount of professionally installed tech, their TecHome builder may very well be on that list.

There are copious connected options on the market today, from high-end to modest, and builders should explore the best kitchen tech offerings their clients can use  all year round. This is especially true for homeowner who host for the holidays and want to make their home a hit with guests.

From smart cooking to stylish entertaining with music and visuals, here are some of the best possibilities for builders who want their clients to be thankful for their TecHome.

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The Prep Pad, with Drop Connected Kitchen Scale.
The Prep Pad, with Drop Connected Kitchen Scale.

Tablets for the Kitchen

A tablet in the kitchen can be a useful tool.

Take, for instance, the Prep Pad by The Orange Chef. The device is a smart food scale, which uses a countertop app.  Upon being paired with an iPad or iPhone, it’s able to display ingredient information, nutritional data and help smart home chefs prepare with health in mind. It is an extremely helpful instrument in the kitchen, especially for clients cooking for people with dietary restrictions.

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