The High-Performance LUX Experience

The High-Performance LUX Experience

Tim Costello of BDX addresses TecHome Lux attendees. Photo by Nicola Borland

Luxury is a personal experience. What is luxury to me is not luxury to you or another person, or homebuyers.

That’s what we covered last week at our TecHome Builder LUX conference at the gorgeous Langham Hotel in Pasadena, Calif.

We started with a mash-up video of a car commercial that appeared in the Super Bowl. It’s actually for Kia’s entry into the luxury car field. We cut in the beauty shots of homes for fun—and to make a point. Luxury is in high-end homes, Kia automobiles, even $100,000 starter homes. They are luxury to someone.

Then there are high-performance cars that provide awesome experiences. Even better are high-performance homes that use advanced systems and technologies to make the home a comfortable, healthy and  enjoyable respite from the lightning-paced world. Homebuilders who craft high-performance home experiences are building the supercars of homes and providing thrilling home experiences.

TecHome Builder LUX 2014


Selling Personalized Luxury

If you’re trying to sell something “luxury,” you have to read your customers, ask questions as to what kind of lifestyles he and she envision for their family, their place in life—and craft an experience of a lifetime in a new home—with all of the accessories and amenities they will need in their time there.

That experience needs to include the right technologies for people today. Nearly all of us incorporate gizmos and gadgets from smartphones to computers and home entertainment systems into our lives and expect these technologies, as well as other advanced systems, in a home. It is up to homebuilders to identify those needs and meet them in standard technologies or lifestyle-oriented options packages.

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“Tech is an accessory that can be customized,” said Tim Costello, CEO of BDX (Builder Digital eXperience), funded by the nation's 30 largest U.S. homebuilders.

Buyers even of super green high-performance homes do so to show off their homes, says Costello. Efficient high-performance homes can be status symbols.

To sell this and any other high-performance home experience, though, builders should make it a sensory experience, by displaying  and demonstrating it as a lifestyle feature—be it in the kitchen or family room or master suite—with advanced foodie tech appliances, home entertainment systems, motorized shades, you name it.

“Give people a reason to tell a story about their home,” says Costello.


Cool Factor of Custom Homes

Happy Customers LUX 2014

Customer experience-building coach Mike Moore of Moore Leadership & Peak Performance echoes the experiential call. “You’re selling a cool factor,” he stressed. He advocated putting easy-to-use home apps on smartphones or tablet computers in the hands of homebuyers, even letting customers make downloads to see how easy it is to operate a smart home, for example, and overcoming the fear of technology.

“Tech is not something separate from the house,” Moore urges. “It is part of a custom house.”

Stay tuned-in for more news and buillding tips from TecHome Builder LUX.

TecHome Builder LUX 2014 Luxury

Our TecHome Builder #LUX14 homebuilder conference was great. Now I am home in my own luxury.

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