The Inter-Connected Home

The Inter-Connected Home

Advanced appliances, lighting systems, music and audio systems are all interconnected, right at your fingertips. Photo courtesy of Vivint and Garbett Homes.

Here we are in November, and this month according to our Editorial Calendar, TecHome Builder will be covering advanced appliances, lighting systems, and music and audio systems.

So … er … why are we still reporting on all that green and home control jazz with our feature profile on Garbett Homes and The Race to Net Zero?

Several reasons:

  • It’s a great story of experimentation and innovation, which homebuilders should emulate.
  • Net Zero homes are way cool and represent the future of homebuilding.
  • It’s all connected, baby!

Garbett Homes’ marketing director Rene Oehlerking describes three buckets in Garbett’s quest to build green and net zero, which can be read more like a recipe:

  • Use building science like better insulated thermal envelopes to enhance heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Add renewable energy sources like solar PV
  • Mix in efficient appliances and other systems to help people in the home be energy-efficient.

Ca-ching! Advanced appliances will be covered this month, along with lighting systems and super-efficient LEDs — which have become big factors in achieving house-wide energy efficiency. Throw in whole-house and streaming music systems, connected to home control systems that also help with energy efficiency, and you’ve just stepped into today’s interconnected smart home.

That’s why we won’t cease writing about green tech and home control, featured in our Editorial Calendar’s October coverage, just because it’s November. These are works in progress, just as getting to net zero has been for Garbett Homes and others.

Bring on the music, appliances and lighting topics. And more experimentation

Thanks for reading!

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