The Year in TecHome

The Year in TecHome

TecHome Builder celebrates its First Birthday this week.

It’s been one year since the relaunch of TecHome Builder, and we’re celebrating it this week where we were last year: at the CEDIA custom electronics Expo in Denver.

Since the relaunch, TecHome Builder has published more than 250 articles on home technologies for homebuilders, and has visited numerous technology and homebuilding shows including CES, the International Builder’s Show, KBIS, PCBC and CEDIA, where TecHome Builder’s rebirth took place.




TecHome Builder has produced:

  • 60 articles on Advanced Appliances
  • 65 articles on Connectivity
  • 117 articles on Electronics
  • 82 articles  on Energy
  • 44 articles on HVAC and IAQ
  • 58 articles on Lighting and Lighting Control

THB sales

The highlight of the year? The inaugural TecHome Builder Summit in Austin in March, where more than 80 homebuilders and 50 technology brands came together to change homebuilding forever with a new excitement about smart home systems that have led to numerous homebuilder announcements about adopting home automation as standard offerings in select developments.

THB sales happy anniversary


That success will be followed October 20 to 22, with TecHome Builder LUX, an event that will host 80 luxury homebuilders looking to immerse themselves in content and contacts that will help them use technology to increase revenues and profits and sell more homes. TecHome Builder intends to change the luxury homebuilding game with innovative technologies that fit today’s affluent home lifestyles.



What a year for TecHome Builder,” said AE Ventures President, John Galante. “We re-launched with a solid mission and revised scope that broadened the definition of home technology. We updated the way we delivered our information and advice leveraging the best of digital media and our unique executive event format.  We connected with a real need. We could not have asked for a better reception and could not be prouder of the team we’ve built to fulfill our brand promise.”

TecHome Builder parent company AE Ventures has also announced that it has partnered with Austin, Texas-based BDX, leading provider of digital marketing solutions for the home building industry, to provide digital and broadcast advertising and content marketing opportunities to technology companies on BDX’s website and New Home Source television shows which will air this fall in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Orlando, Phoenix and Indianapolis. The agreement will provide technology companies access to millions of consumers actively researching their options for home purchase. Read the press release here.

VIA outdoor project Los Angeles

The Year in TecHome

On Sept. 26, 2013, we welcomed our builder audience to “A New Era in Dream Homes.” We immediately started to write about smart home technologies like “Smartphone, Smart Home,” “5 Awesome Home Control Options,” and “The Game Changing Value of Home Control,” featuring builders using technologies to differentiate their offerings and sell more homes.

In the early weeks we also covered energy efficiency, electronic locks, and produced builder profiles on Meritage Homes, KB Home, Nexus EnergyHomes, and Garbett Homes’ green and net-zero building initiatives.

Copperleaf Altabella

In December we hit the mark with “5 LED Products Any Homeowners Would Love,” “10 Questions About Tankless Water Heaters,” and “5 Things to Know About Whole-House Surge Protection.”

January started off coverage of CES, the emerging Internet of Things, and in February our International Builder’s Show coverage was wildly popular with “10 Must-Have Kitchen and Bath Solutions.”

March brought us our inaugural TecHome Builder Summit and extensive coverage of the 50 brand sponsors, which has seen building companies change vendors and providers of technology products and adopt smart home solutions.

We hit infrastructure needs hard in the spring and summer of 2014 with articles on wired versus wireless, home networking, high-tech outlets and switches, and super-high-speed gigabit broadband.

We covered Earth Day with green building opportunities, solar, and energy management opportunities.

We have also blended luxury home coverage with popular outdoor tech, foodie kitchen technologies, and home office must-have as well as executive options.

We’ve shown Backyard Bellagios with water fountains and have covered water-saving systems for kitchen, bath and lawn and garden irrigation.

We provided extensive coverage of the PCBC West Coast Builders’ show with articles such as “Marketing to Millennials,” “5 Game-Changing Design Trends” and “Kitchen Tech Sizzles with Luxe.”

More recently, we have covered game-changing homebuilders Copperleaf Homes adding home automation for “production custom” homes and Landmark Homes “forward livability” with home automation as standard.

Aerium Unit family room

Videos on the site produced by our editorial team have brought us into high-tech homes and have shown tech displays at trade shows.

We are aggressively increasing our social media followers, in many cases introducing builders to the power of social media. TecHome Builder has quickly garnered more than 800 Twitter followers, hosts weekly Twitter Chats and has recently started a Pinterest page.

The bottom line: In just one year, TecHome Builder has been all over coverage of exciting home technologies that can and will make differentiate builders form their competition and make them more profitable. We intend to appeal to all aspects of the homebuilder market with web content, in-depth articles, videos and multimedia, webinars, and social media

Thank you, TecHome readers and followers, for making it work!

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