Thermostat Triple Play: Nest’s Campaign, ecobee’s Product, Emerson’s Honor

Thermostat Triple Play: Nest’s Campaign, ecobee’s Product, Emerson’s Honor

Smart thermostats have scored a triple play in the recent industry news cycle, with ecobee, Nest and Emerson all making headlines for new products, marketing campaigns and distinguished awards.

Yesterday, ecobee announced the launch of its “ecobee3 lite.” The product’s strongest sell, initially, is that it is being sold at $80 less than leading competitors. It will be available across North America on October 31, 2016.

The ecobee3 lite features a touchscreen interface and integrates with Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT. Its launch is accompanied by a new mobile application available on iOS and Android devices. The application comes with a new “Installation Wizard,” which aims to provide homeowners with step-by-step installation support and videos.

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Meanwhile, Nest is not launching a new product but an advertising campaign. Its parent company, Google, released the TV campaign as well as a new slogan … “We Heart Home.” The marketing message is meant to promote the Nest Thermostat as well as the company’s smoke/carbon monoxide detector and the Nest Cam.

Google purchased Nest Labs for $3.2 billion in January of 2014. Google is spearheading the campaign, which will begin airing immediately.

A new ad campaign can help increase awareness and appeal around smart thermostat technology, even if you don’t choose Nest as standard. 

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Finally, Emerson and its Sensi Wi-Fi smart thermostat took the top honor in J.D. Power’s inaugural “2016 Smart Thermostat Satisfaction Report.”

jdpower-2016-smart-thermostat-satisfaction-chartThe report, done last month, measured the overall customer satisfaction of 2,509 consumers currently owning smart thermostats. J.D. Power took 10 factors into account while executing this report:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Ease of Install/Setup
  3. Reliability
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Price Paid
  6. Effectiveness of Heating/Cooling
  7. Internet Connectivity
  8. Usefulness of App
  9. Variety of Features
  10. Customer Service

After measuring the answers of all surveyed consumers, Emerson came out on top with a combined score of 885 out of 1000. Leading competitors–Honeywell, Nest and ecobee–rounded out the next three slots with scores of 882, 872 and 867, respectively.

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The report also offered interesting insights for builders, contractors and professional installers. More consumers (64 percent) installed the thermostats themselves, while 36 percent used a professional contractor or installer. However, those who used a contractor reported slightly higher satisfaction ratings than those who did not (883 versus 873).

For builders installing smart thermostats as standard, the choice may seem overwhelming. But between these honors, new products and flashy ad campaigns, one thing is immediately clear … smart thermostats aren’t going anywhere.

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