Tiny Apartment Technology Means Maximizing Space

Tiny Apartment Technology Means Maximizing Space



There is only so much earth to build on, which is why Simon Woodroffe started thinking small—but in a big way.

Woodroffe, founder of YO! Home, hopes to transform the way people live by maximizing the urban (and often tiny) apartment by using technology and other space-saving techniques.

The concept also caters to would-be homebuyers suffering from the global recession. These buyers want more bang for their buck. 

“Moving parts are drawn on the wealth of engineering technology taken from fields as diverse as yacht and automotive design and the mechanics of stage production,” says Woodroffe. 

This allows for the transformation of a 431 -square-foot space into what feels like a much bigger home.

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Tiny Apartment Technology Maximizes Space


[tps_title]Prototype 1 [/tps_title]

Prototype 1 bathroom. Photo courtesy of Yo! Home
Prototype 1 bathroom. Photo courtesy of YO! Home

At the 100% Design Show in London, attendees were enamored with YO! Home’s first prototype, which did not skimp on a luxury apartment feel.

The colorful model was about 861-square-feet and included a in-floor wine cellar, pocket kitchen, projection screen, in-floor hot tub and dual purpose spaces, like a bedroom that can be converted into a living area.

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