Toll Brothers Hits Jackpot in Vegas with Lighting Design Partnership

Toll Brothers Hits Jackpot in Vegas with Lighting Design Partnership

When thinking about the lighting of Las Vegas and Reno, vibrant neon signs and flashing slot machines often come to mind. A major homebuilder aims to bring this same extravagance into the home.

National luxury builder Toll Brothers has partnered with Aterra Designs, a lighting and technology design firm based in Arizona. The goal is to work with new homebuyers in key Nevada markets to enhance the design experience and create individualized home environments … all through state of the art lighting design techniques.

“Ultimately, the goal of this partnership is to give Toll Brothers’ clients the ability to create the ambiance and function in their home that fits their lifestyle,” says Erin Kearney, director of sales for Aterra Designs.

Beyond this, the design firm was brought in to increase option sales in the lighting/electrical category and provide better documentation and organization for the electrical contractor.

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Benefits of Good Lighting Design

Saguaro Estates, by Toll Brothers.
Saguaro Estates, by Toll Brothers. The builder has teamed up with Aterra Designs before for this Arizona community.

The ultimate success of this partnership relies on intricate and impressive techniques in lighting design, and the homeowner can implement lighting technology in a variety of ways.

“[This includes] creating proper task lighting, utilizing architectural lighting techniques to enhance the space and creating an atmosphere that meets the client’s needs,” says Kearney.

Kearney cites Aterra’s threefold approach for creating benefits and success, a process which intertwines the experiences of client, builder and contractor.

  1. Clients have a home that is as unique as they are.
  2. Builders provide a service that’s differentiated from their competition.
  3. Contractor increase their revenue due to greater option sales.

First things first, the personal tastes of the client must be considered, and this attention to detail will eventually pay dividends in other facets of the builder and contractor trade.

“Having a trained lighting designer to walk a homeowner through, not only all of the technical options available—which increase daily—but also design aspects such as layered lighting techniques,” says Kearney.

Saguaro Estates. Notice how the lighting enhances the space.
Notice how the lighting enhances the space.

The Future of Lighting Design

Kearney believes that, like other home technologies, lighting will continue to be increasingly automated and geared towards ease-of-use for the end user.

“Technologies such as LED bulbs will continue to advance, allowing for increased environmental benefits and lower prices for home owners,” says Kearney.

These concepts are currently prevalent only in the luxury high-end arena. However, lower prices will help encourage increased adoption of lighting designs and techniques among the production market.

Thus, the Toll Brothers and Aterra partnership presents fantastic opportunities for residential builders from all corners of the industry to learn—lighting up the possibilities of their homes and business in the process.

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