Toll Brothers Redefines Transitional Spaces with Tech

Toll Brothers Redefines Transitional Spaces with Tech

Connected devices are breathing new life into transitional spaces, and a major national builder says it’s sparking a trend.

Toll Brothers director of design Tim Gehman says he’s noticed a surge in the trend in the past few years, “Mud rooms, planning centers, wok kitchens and even porches are making a huge comeback.”

Transitional spaces create distance between rooms to bring unique design and efficiency to the home.

The real opportunity in luxury homes lies in the smart devices available for these areas that can showcase the home’s design while entertaining clients.

Because home transitions are typically small, Gehman suggests keeping the tech simple in these spaces with popular connected products including security monitoring, sound systems and controllable lighting.

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Transitional Space Tech Options:

Transitional spaces blur the line between one room and the next
Transitional spaces blur the line between one room and the next.

Comfort and Convenience

Mud rooms and drop off areas can transform into relaxation stations with the right type of tech.

Gehman encourages builders to rethink the functionality of these transitional spaces by including features that offer clients convenience such as organization centers and charging stations.

“What once was hidden in the private realm is now on display as soon as you enter a home, and so it becomes public.” says Gehman.

Luxury builders should also look beyond just the convenience options (listed above) to comfort options. Niles Rock Speakers can communicate with the smart home to play soft music as homeowners enter the home and approach the area.

LED Taped Lights bring light and style to the room with minimal set-up
LED Taped Lights bring light and style to the room with minimal set-up.

Lighting Tech

Heading outdoors … these transitional spaces can be automated with lighting packages that bring out architectural features.

Programmable lights link up with the smart home interface to provide a range of colors and effects to wow potential homebuyers.

There are also products out there that offer that always entertaining wow factor with the dual purpose of functionality such as light bulbs that double as speakers. MiPow Playbulb is just one of the options that can be controlled from a smartphone or the home’s panel.

Water transitions can become luxurious with tech
Water transitions can become luxurious with tech.

Seamless Water Transitions

Luxury builders can also include shallow pools to link one section of the outdoors to the next.

By outfitting the pools with automated lights, speakers and shades, you can  showcase the project’s design and tech.

Connected devices like Pentair’s IntelliTouch or Hayward’s OmniLogic make any size water transition stand out. They feature color-changing effects and lights that have the ability to easily integrate additional luxury water options like the MagicFalls Fountain.

According to The Masters Pool Guild 2015 trends report, sitting and wading pools have increased in popularity in 2015, which represents a unique opportunity for luxury homebuilders.

Automated shades such as those from Polar Shades can be raised for seamless transitions between water areas and lowered to protect from the sun or unexpected weather.

Know Your Clients and Homes

The fear with these luxury projects is that not all clients want a flashy transitional space.

For example, builders in Los Angeles, Calif. are dealing with a much different client base than those in Naples, Fla. It’s crucial to know your clients’ expectations before integrating tech.

“Although we often take best-guess shots at what we believe the marketplace will want in these areas, we are never going to make every prospect happy,” said Gehman.

According to Toll Brothers, the answer is to keep connected systems simple and perhaps offer this type of tech as an option instead of standard.

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