3 Top Takeaways from National Real Estate Conference

3 Top Takeaways from National Real Estate Conference

TecHome Builder now has some new insight into the future of the real estate industry, its demographics and technology’s role, after attending the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) Conference, last week.

Real estate writers who attend the conference mainly focus on sticks and bricks, so it offered a new perspective for our team.

Also worth noting, TecHome Builder picked up three honors at the awards portion of the conference for our reporting.

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Top Three Takeaways from NAREE Conference

  1. Millennials, Millennials, Millennials
    • The Millennial generation is driving a fair amount of business into the real estate industry, especially in multifamily. The Millennial demand and desire for walkable communities, strong technology and a city-meets-suburb lifestyle is sculpting many important trends for builders to follow. This rings especially true as this generation grows, gets married and forms a family. This age group is moving from multifamily to single-family housing. This will play a major role in the future of this industry.

      Pay attention, builders. Millennials are the future.
      Pay attention, builders. Millennials are shaping the industry.
  2. Aging-in-Place Plays a Key Part
    • As you know, we often focus on aging-in-place technology in this publication. NAREE helped prove many of our points.
    • For instance, homebuilders are definitely thinking more about the aging population through their projects. Builders are constructing with this concept as standard, as more homeowners remodel their existing homes to age comfortably within them.
    • While smart remodeling boosts a home’s overall value among Boomer buyers, aging-in-place tech also proves popular among the aforementioned Millennial generation. Seventy-five percent of first-time buyers prefer a home that adheres to their future needs, according to Bank of America’s 2016 Homebuyer Insights Reports.
  3. Technology is the Future
    • TecHome Builder had the distinction of being the only real estate publication at NAREE that solely focuses on home technology. It was a topic that certainly sparked the interest of others.
    • TecHome Editor-in-Chief Andrea Medeiros presented with BDX president Tim Costello about the role technology plays in this industry. The discussion moved between everything from the definition of the “smart home” to marketing/selling with virtual tours and augmented reality. The popularity of virtual tours and technology-based selling arose in other panel conversations, as technology cements itself as a foundation builders planning for future projects.

An Award-Winning Publication

Greg Vellante accepts his Gold Award for "Best Residential Trade Magazine Story."
Greg Vellante accepts his Gold Award for “Best Residential Trade Magazine Story.”
Andrea Medeiros accepts her Silver Award for "Best Audio or Video Report—Broadcast or Online, Radio or Television."
Andrea Medeiros accepts her Silver Award for “Best Audio or Video Report—Broadcast or Online, Radio or Television.”

TecHome Builder is pleased to announce that it was honored with three awards at NAREE’s 66th Annual Journalism Competition.

Staff writer, Greg Vellante, picked up a Gold Award for “Best Residential Trade Magazine Story” and a Bronze for “Best Young Journalist” for his story, An iPhone You Can Live Inside.

NAREE judges wrote the following regarding the award-winning story:

“In one of the contest’s most interesting stories, the reporter offered a laugh-out-loud look at the inspiration of Professor Dumpster in the high tech world of tiny housing. Cool interactives and art welcomed readers to the future. Particularly striking was how someone living in a dumpster rather quickly and unbelievably became a business success with small housing.”

Editor-in-Chief Andrea Medeiros was presented with a Silver Award for her video piece, LEED Certified Hamptons Home Leads with Connected Green Tech.

NAREE judges wrote the following regarding the award-winning video tour:

“After a couple lost their home to Hurricane Sandy, they came back strong with a LEED certified structure that used the latest technology options. The video demonstrated many of these, probably awakening the audience to what was possible if someone wanted to have a ‘smart’ house.”

The TecHome team is happy to announce its awards. But most of all, we are honored to share our knowledge with our fellow real estate writers and you, our readers.

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About The Author

Greg Vellante is a staff writer and multimedia specialist at TecHome Builder, as well as a content coordinator for AE Ventures events. He has over a decade of experience writing for various publications on topics that range from cinema to editorials to home technology. His favorite technologies fall into the A/V and home entertainment realm, and he’s keeping a close eye on the rising trends in robotics and virtual/augmented reality. Greg resides in Boston, holds a degree in Media Studies from Emerson College and pursues screenwriting/filmmaking in his free time.

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