Top 5 Stories of the Week, August 12

Top 5 Stories of the Week, August 12


Here’s a breakdown of our Top 5 TecHome stories from the past week.

We bring them to you in a simple, easy-to-digest package for all you builders who have limited time on your hands. This week’s Top 5 TecHome stories include Microsoft’s entrance into the connected home market, a 30 second tiny home video preview, a look inside a football legend’s smart home and more!

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[tps_title] My First TecHome [/tps_title]

The home theater in Barry Hensley's first "fully integrated" TecHome.
The home theater in Barry Hensley’s first “fully integrated” TecHome.

My First TecHome: Incremental Learning and the Power of Integrators



The TecHome turning point for Barry Hensley of NorthStar Luxury Homes came in 2007, when the builder constructed his very first home with a fully integrated system. 


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