5 Top Multifamily Products for 2016

5 Top Multifamily Products for 2016


Builders are in a unique position in 2016, especially after the market of products designed for smart home applications advanced to new heights, last year, with efficiency and connectivity.

This is especially influencing multifamily building, where the market is experiencing some of the biggest upward growth.

According to Freddie Mac’s Multifamily Outlook for the Second Half of 2015, new multifamily building projects will reach the highest level of completion since 1980 with demand increasing, this year, among Millennials and first-time homebuyers. 

When it comes to this type of customers, smart devices can help impress by adding convenience and ease-of-use in busy communities. From indoor air quality (IAQ) to whole-house audio systems, these are some of the best products that emerged in 2015 for the multifamily marketplace.

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Products to Offer as a Standard Package:


[tps_title] IAQ  [/tps_title]

The Whisper Green Select Fan improves IAQ by filtering toxins from the air.
The Whisper Green Select Fan improves IAQ by filtering toxins from the air.

A Focus on IAQ

Marketing a healthier and cleaner environment to busy families and Millennials can help you stand out, and IAQ is a great place to start when building a healthier community.

According to the California Multifamily New Homes’ IAQ report, exhaust fans must reach 100 cfm in the kitchen and 50 cfm in the bathroom in order to meet CALgreen code requirements. Cfm is a measure of air flow velocity by cubic feet per minute.

Panasonic’s new Whisper Green Select ventilation fan improves IAQ and HVAC performance by remotely changing the speed between 50, 80 and 100 cfm, allowing builders to install the fan in a variety of rooms to meet a range of applications.

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