Top Outdoor Tech Trends for Labor Day

Top Outdoor Tech Trends for Labor Day


Millennials are continuing to drive growth in the outdoor tech market, but a new demographic is starting to catch-up.

That’s according to researchers with the 2016 Garden Trends Report. “The Millennial market is certainly driving companies to innovate,” says Katie Dubow, creative director at the Garden Media Group. “Millennials aren’t the only ones affected by this revolution, though.”

scrollTecHome Builder spoke to multifamily builder EYA Homes and custom manufacturer of weather-resistant outdoor kitchens, Danver, to find out where the outdoor industry is heading.

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5 Top Outdoor Tech Trends


[tps_title] Pet Tech [/tps_title]

“Petscaping” and security tech can help you appeal to pet owners.
“Petscaping” and security tech can help you appeal to pet owners.

#5: “Petscaping” Tech

The addition of pet-friendly tech in the backyard is an emerging trend that can help you gain favor among clients with a family pet.

Dubow calls it “Petscaping.” It involves using technology and organic design to ensure that the pet is safe to romp around the yard without the owners worrying about it getting away or into something it’s not supposed to.

Builders and integrators can use a range of tech to appeal to pet-friendly clients and market security control—smart lights to define a property’s border, geo-fenced beacons that can pick up when the pet leaves the property and invisible fencing that keeps them within the property’s lines.

Builders can shift optional elements in their standard package to make room in the budget for pet tech.

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