Top Tech Companies to Watch at IBS

Top Tech Companies to Watch at IBS

The International Builders’ Show (IBS) is now in full swing in Las Vegas, featuring a wide variety of building products, design software and technologies for the ever-evolving smart home.

For those builders with specific, tech-centric cravings on the show floor, here are some of the best companies to look out for as they showcase their latest in home technologies. This includes major TecHome features such as appliances for the kitchen and bath, security systems and automation.

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What will the TecHome kitchen of 2016 and beyond look like?
What will the TecHome kitchen of 2016 and beyond look like?

When it comes to the newest innovations in home appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, washers, dryers, humidifiers, etc., there are major brands that stand out on the IBS floor.

Bosch is a primary player in the appliance industry and should be one of your stops. It’s surely introducing new products at IBS and co-event KBIS (the Kitchen Bath & Industry Show) this week.

Last year, the company (which consistently receives top ratings and ENERGY STAR certifications) revealed its version of a teched-out micro kitchen.

GE Appliances is another key name in the kitchen and bath spectrum and like Bosch, it also revealed its version of a micro-kitchen at last year’s event. Builders should expect the two companies to unleash both appliances and major announcements for 2016 on the show floor this week.

In addition, Bosch is joining forces, this year, with major companies Thermador and Gaggenau to showcase the latest in home appliances and reveal a variety of kitchen solutions for builders.

Home Protection

Protecting the home is becoming a significant factor in building these days, so builders should be on the prowl, this week, for major companies revealing new products in home security. This includes anything from water protection, fire protection and, of course, intricate and intuitive smart alarm systems.

Standouts in this arena include familiar names such as ADT, Clare Controls and Kwikset.

All of these companies, and more, will be highlighting the latest in keeping the TecHome safe. These new trends and products allow builders to offer a better and more secure living experience for their clients.

Home Automation

What will home automation look like for 2016?
What will home automation look like in 2016?

While security is important, the power of home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) is still a growing trend in the industry, and clients are always looking for the next great thing in controlling the TecHome.

Therefore, builders should be paying attention to these trends on the show floor as well.

The companies specializing in automation at IBS feature a plethora of ways to control the home–lighting, home entertainment, HVAC control, temperature control and other energy management systems. 

Among the most notable companies include the aforementioned Clare Controls (home automation), Carrier (HVAC & IAQ), Legrand (home security), Juicebox Energy and Vivint (renewable energy & solar).

Needless to say, builders have a lot to see and experience at IBS this year. Happy exploring!

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