TopBrewer Gives a Morning Jolt to Homebuyers

TopBrewer Gives a Morning Jolt to Homebuyers

The Scanomat TopBrewer is now making its way into luxury homes around the world.

Since we returned from the PCBC builders show earlier this month, everyone in the office has been the most interested in hearing about Scanomat’s TopBrewer. This is probably because Americans have coffee running through their veins. If we could get our hands on an automated coffee grinder and brewer, we would.

How sexy, quipped our new junior writer and coffee aficionado Casey Meserve. Another on our staff jumped up and down excitedly, and in a way we can’t quite explain.

When you first look at the TopBrewer, it looks like a faucet with a swan neck design. But underneath the counter are the inner workings of coffee heaven.

To the left is a coffee hopper and grinder that can hold up to 3 pounds of those elixir beans. Next to that is a carbon dioxide tank if you choose to skip the caffeine and go with sparkling water. A water filtration system is located at the top. Also within the cabinet is a flash-heater. To the right is the chiller, which houses your milk of choice.

The Scanomat TopBrewer coffee bean hopper.Scanomat TopBrewer milk chiller.

This coffee brewer takes up very little counter space. The entire system is about 26 inches high, 9 inches wide and requires about 22 inches of depth in the cabinet. It can be incorporated into any home, so long as temperatures stay between 40 and 104 degrees and air doesn’t go beyond 90 percent relative humidity.

It also comes with an app that is connected to the machine via Bluetooth. That’s right. You can wake up, reach for your smart device, type in what kind of coffee you want, and voila! It will be ready for you by the time you walk over to the brewer, so long as you are within 32 feet. Hot chocolate, juice, cold or hot water, cold or warm milk and sparkling water is also available. Just be sure your mug is in position the night before. If not, the coffee will go into the built-in drain. From the app you can adjust how much milk, foam and coffee you want, how strong you want your coffee to be and more. If you have a favorite setting, save it! Once the TopBrewer is finished dispensing the beverage, it rinses out the lines.

Scanomat has only recently entered the United States residential market. Prior to now, they have been installed in offices, cafes and restaurants. Builders who have incorporated the TopBrewer into new homes include David Houck Construction, Taslimi Construction and more. Snyder Diamond has the west coast exclusive on TopBrewer—and the builders and architects are buying them from that source. Snyder Diamond has showrooms in Santa Monica, Pasadena and North Hollywood, Calif.

Marketing this as an option in new homes is easy. Just show them this thing in action, give them a sample cup of coffee and they will be sold.

Our only suggestion—it should also brew beer. Especially with a price tag of about $11,000. 

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