Total Tech Summit Takes Over Atlanta This Week

Total Tech Summit Takes Over Atlanta This Week

Integrators are known for connecting devices, platforms and other technology in homes and buildings all around the country, and now there’s an event to connect them–the Total Tech Summit.

The Summit kicks off tomorrow in Atlanta, Georgia, bringing together decision makers from top integration companies across the United States. This invitation-only event gathers these industry leaders in an environment designed to build relationships, share best practices and gain new perspectives to enhance their businesses in game-changing ways.

This year’s Total Tech Summit is a combination of the eight-year-old CE Pro Summit, which focuses on residential, the four-year-old Commercial Integrator Summit and the brand new Security Sales and Integration Summit. During the new co-located event, 300-plus professionals from various realms of the industry are matched with more than 150 sponsoring suppliers. From AV to automation to security, guests will have a monumental opportunity at their disposal to socialize, merge and cultivate their trades.

“More than anything, this is an exciting time for an event like this. 2016 is shaping up to be a revolutionary year for the industry,” says David Pedigo, senior director of emerging technologies for CEDIA.

Unique Education Sessions

Attendees will learn from specialized sessions with knowledgeable speakers.
Attendees will learn from specialized sessions with knowledgeable speakers.

Pedigo is bringing his professional perspective to the CE Pro (Custom Electronics Professionals) session, “Fresh Horses – Products & Applications Your Company Can Ride for Revenue & Profit Growth.” Moderated by David Rodarte, business advisor, growth and transition strategist for ChangingVelocity. The panel session will also feature insights from AudioVision’s Terence Murray, cyberManor’s Patrick Hagerman and BCG Concepts’ Bryan Gorog.

Other educational sessions focus on topics like best practices, marketing to the developing demographic of Millennial homebuyers and how to sell emerging technologies like drones. Major industry players within these sessions include, Livewire and Core Brands, while sponsors are comprised of names like Origin Acoustics, Z-Wave Alliance and Sony.

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You can see the full schedule of events and education here, and look for full coverage from TecHome Builder over the upcoming week.

Unmatched Networking Opportunities

Networking is a valuable opportunity to grow your business.
Networking is a valuable opportunity to grow your business.

After the hours of education and exploration of the show floor, attendees are able to forge connections with fellow industry players to boost their bottom line.

“I look forward to discussing with other attendees and panelists what we can do to grow our business over the next 12 to 18 months,” says Pedigo.

Based on research from past events, 84 percent of attendees agreed that they considered switching vendors because of interactions at the Summits, while 95 percent agreed that relationships with vendor sponsors were established and enhanced.

Furthermore, a remarkable 100 percent of attendees agreed to making valuable business contacts with peers.

As the industry continues to evolve, these connections are extremely important. Stay tuned to TecHome Builder for more coverage on how the lessons learned, products explored and bonds forged at this event can further help your business.

For builders interested in a similar event custom-made just for them, check out the TecHome Builder Summits, taking place December 7-9 in Fort Worth, Texas.

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