TOUR Colonial Home Blending Old Charm with Today’s Tech Demands

TOUR Colonial Home Blending Old Charm with Today’s Tech Demands


A colonial Connecticut home, just put on the market, is being marketed as energy efficient and tech-focused, first and stylish, second.

The 4,360-square-foot luxury home was recently featured in the CTPost for its energy efficiency, safety and convenience features. The 1.8 million dollar home was just built last year with the goal of reducing its carbon footprint without impacting comfort, according to the paper. It blends old charm with today’s tech demands.

The design-build company, O-Living Experience LLC tells the CTPost the house uses a heat recovery unit, LED lightbulbs and a tankless hot water heater.

The heating and cooling units are 30 percent more efficient than the standard equipment installations, according to the paper. And the house has undergone an independent evaluation and was awarded Energy Star 3.0 certification.

It’s being marketed as a way to help homeowners save money on utility bills from the moment they move in, “perhaps as much as $1,000 per month,” according to the CTPost.

Foam insulation has helped to create a tight thermal envelope. Because that tight, energy efficient envelope can affect indoor air quality, O-Living Experience also installed an energy recovery ventilator (ERV).

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Home control was not forgotten, a Savant home automation system allows the homebuyer to control lighting, HVAC systems, entertainment and security. The CTPost describes it as, “Imagine increasing the thermostat a few degrees while away from home so it is nice and toasty when the resident arrives home on a cold night. Or turning on the air conditioning in warm weather months while en route home from work.”

It is interesting to note that this article in this main stream, local paper is more focused on tech demands than style features. Could this mean energy efficiencies and tech features could soon be the focus of real estate agents and realty groups–in this case Riverside Realty Group–the jury’s still out.

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But first, TOUR this amazing Connecticut mansion!


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Exterior of tech-rich Connecticut home.
Credit CTPost.
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