Tour This Fully Automated, Connected Island Home

Tour This Fully Automated, Connected Island Home


Luxury homes on Savary Island, British Columbia typically take around three years to complete, but modular builder Karoleena has reduced that timeframe to just seven months.

Karoleena accomplished this through a custom modular design that was built in a factory and then sent to the Canadian island on a massive barge. The main challenge to this home was the absence of traditional power sources.

“It’s all off-grid, so we had to install these technologies with the consideration that we had to find access to power on an island where the only access point is by boat,” says Kurt Goodjohn of Karoleena. 

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The modular builder uses a “metal kore” in each home it builds in order to increase the lifespan and openness of each home. But that isn’t the only unique aspect of this project.

While this particular home was custom-designed by the homeowner, Karoleena also offers homes that are predesigned to save time during construction. As you know, saving time during the homebuilding process is even more important when you need that extra time to install tech.


[tps_title] Moving Supplies [/tps_title]

A massive barge brought in all of the materials and vehicles needed.
A massive barge brought in all of the materials and vehicles needed.

Preparing Construction

Since the home is only accessible by boat, Karoleena faced some unique challenges when getting ready to build this luxury home.

This barge brought in eight trucks of materials as well as cranes and other construction vehicles necessary to complete the project.

While the materials were being delivered by ocean, the 14-person crew was flown out by charter plane.

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