Two Major Smart Home Announcements From Google, Nest

Two Major Smart Home Announcements From Google, Nest

Two new smart home developments from Google will open up voice-control options and impact the way developers work with Nest products.

The first piece of news announced by Google is that Nest will be releasing an open-source version of its Thread networking protocol, known as OpenThread.

OpenThread is an open source version of the Thread networking protocol, meaning that moving forward, integrators and developers can rely on OpenThread to tie together whole-house solutions under one networked protocol.

The decision made by Nest’s parent company will impact developers and manufacturers of smart home devices. It makes it easier for other connected device makers to bring their devices to market, because now they won’t have to create their own networking protocol. 

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Thread's new networked protocol, OpenThread, can be used to connect devices.
Thread’s new networked protocol, OpenThread, can be used to connect devices.

The second development involved voice control. Google is rumored to be working on its answer to the Amazon Echo, code-named internally as “Chirp.”

This potential voice controlled home assistant could be on display at Google’s upcoming I/O Developer Conference, but sources inside Google indicate that the device’s launch may be delayed until later in the year.

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Amazon’s Echo quickly became the hot new item in the smart home market, selling more than three million devices since its late 2014 release, according to Consumer Intelligence’s Research Report

If Google does release its answer to the Echo soon, the search engine giant will be attempting to cash-in while consumer awareness for voice-enabled smart products is at its peak. An increase in smart home options is good news for builders, because it allows you to open up the home control conversation and better understand what your clients are expecting in their new smart home.

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