Tyco Security Adds Control4 Integration to Security Platform

Tyco Security Adds Control4 Integration to Security Platform

Tyco Security Products recently announced that Control4 will serve as the main automation partner for Tyco’s PowerSeries security platform.

Tyco announced the partnership with Control4 in a recent press release, and the decision will help integrators during the install stage and builders during the marketing stage.

According to the press release, Tyco’s decision to partner with Control4 is based on two main goals: providing integrators with the flexibility of wireless installation and the addition of smart home features. 

This partnership can help increase home control options.
This partnership can help increase home control options.

Tyco’s security platform will use some of Control4’s security features to maximize security performance. One feature that Tyco’s PowerSeries platform will rely on is Control4’s “Mocupancy,” which uses smart devices like lights and blinds to mimic the home’s typical routine.

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The addition of smart home features can help market a whole-home solution to your clients and may even help strengthen your standard security package.

Instead of marketing a range of standalone devices, this partnership helps you market a one-stop solution to smart home entertainment and security control. 

This partnership is good news for builders looking to market strong security control with the added ability of home control.

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