Unique LUX Project Relies on Tech to Streamline

Unique LUX Project Relies on Tech to Streamline


This luxury smart home project can teach builders and integrators about the value of using tech to make a sub-basement property feel expansive, yet controlled.

The project is integration firm Cyberhomes’ first sub-basement project (a multi-level home where most of the rooms are below ground).

It landed the project through a client it had worked with in the past to add home control to luxury properties. If Cyberhomes had not successfully installed those simpler control systems, this larger scope contract may have gone elsewhere.

The ability to use referrals to land a series of contracts should be a rallying call for builders and integrators, because as with this example, one happy client could lead to lucrative contracts down the road.

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[tps_title] Home Automation [/tps_title]

Savant was chosen to integrate this multi-story project.
Savant was chosen for this multi-story project.

Home Automation

Initially, the client simply wanted to introduce multi-room audio and distributed video into his five-story home. But after the integrators demonstrated single-point control, he was inspired to control the entire property using automation.

The Savant Pro home automation platform now controls the audio-visual system, climate control, smart lighting and security system. This platform was chosen for its flexibility in adding custom scenes without additional programming. That’s something the client craved on this project.

When building for a client who values personalization and flexibility, builders may want to consider a customizable system like Savant.

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