Voice Control Moving into the Mainstream

Voice Control Moving into the Mainstream

A new report shows interest in voice control moving into the mainstream.

According to a 2016 home automation report by The NPD Group, a national market research company, voice control systems are poised to overtake smartphones for smart home control.

The report found that a whopping 73 percent of smart home owners are already familiar with and using voice control, with 61 percent of that group expressing interest in expanding the home’s voice control capabilities.

NPD's 2016 home automation study highlighted voice-control trends.
NPD’s 2016 home automation study highlighted voice-control trends.

Even with this large share of homebuyers and consumers using voice control, 64 percent of connected device owners still rely on a smartphone to monitor and control the home’s platform.

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Builders and integrators can use these data points to their benefit by offering a base level of voice-control as standard and highlighting that this technology is in demand.

The report also noted that home automation sales are up 41 percent year-over-year in 2015 versus in 2014. 

NPD’s report indicates that most homebuyers prefer voice control for its convenience and ease-of-use. Even if you are only integrating the home’s simplest features such as switching on a smart light, voice control can help you market convenience with no learning curve.

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