Voice Control Trends in the HiVol Market

Voice Control Trends in the HiVol Market


Voice control can help builders market a fully-integrated smart home with seamless connections, and the production market is no different, as more homebuyers express interest in tech.

“The easiest and quickest way that voice-control can help the high-volume market is differentiation,” says Christopher Cicchitelli of CastleOS, a manufacturer of voice controlled smart devices.

The good news is voice control technology is becoming more readily available and accessible to homebuyers, so production builders have a unique opportunity to get ahead of the next big trend in home control. Also contributing to this is the fact that home automation technology in general is becoming more affordable, which is also helping builders include more tech as standard.

“Now, it [this affordability] allows the builder to absorb those costs and then upsell the customer and say ‘you aren’t moving into a regular condo; you’re moving into a voice controlled condo,’ for a modest upfront cost,” says Cicchitelli.

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 More homebuyers are expecting voice-control when it comes to automation.
More homebuyers are expecting voice control when it comes to automation.


According to Cicchitelli, more homebuyers are looking for the convenience and ease-of-use that comes standard with voice control.

“There are two drivers of people purchasing voice control—the early adopters and people who need voice control to operate their home,” says Cicchitelli.

Security and entertainment are typically the main entry points into home automation for most homebuyers, and voice control can help you reach out to these security and entertainment-focused clients.

When it comes to voice control compared to home automation, Cicchitelli sees light and entertainment control as being two major factors driving the voice control market forward.

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