VR Series: The Multifamily Approach

VR Series: The Multifamily Approach

There are multiple possibilities when it comes to what virtual and augmented reality can achieve, so it makes sense that the technology is a perfect fit for multifamily builders to market and enhance their projects.

In the first three parts of this series, TecHome Builder has explored the rise of virtual gaming, the ability of using tech to sell tech and also how augmented reality boosts the luxury market. Many of these trends carry over into multifamily, but this market specifically is one where developers can truly tap into the potentials offered through this unique and evolving technology.

For multifamily, developers can explore the options of both marketing their projects to prospective residents and enticing them once the deal has been sealed.

Virtual reality in multifamily is also an excellent way to involve residents in the concept of community.


Part One: The Rise of Virtual Gaming

Part Two: Using Tech to Sell Tech

Part Three: Augmented Reality Boosts LUX Appeal


Virtual Tours & Customization

Take tours of apartments to the next level with virtual reality.
Take tours of apartments to the next level with virtual reality.

As virtual reality becomes more and more mainstream, one can expect the rise of virtual tours to become more popular as well. Virtual tours present an excellent way to sell curious clients homes in multifamily communities.

By merely putting on a pair of VR goggles, clients can be transported to the interiors of their apartment unit, the main lobby area or even elements of the community’s outdoor offerings.

This is especially key for clients who are searching for a home in states other than their own, as virtual reality allows people to feel physically present even if they are thousands of miles away.

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Augmented reality can give clients the power to see what isn't there physically.
Augmented reality can give clients the power to see what isn’t there physically.

In addition, augmented reality—such as the continuous development of AR glasses technology—could allow clients to customize their homes at will. By incorporating AR during a tour, clients can augment their unit’s reality to their pleasing by experimenting with different technologies, furniture, wall colors, hardwood versus carpet … you name it.

Sealing the Deal

Another way virtual reality can help multifamily is by sealing the deal. Once clients are sold, developers can cement the sale and distinguish themselves from the competition by offering VR-based amenity packages.

Packages are excellent ways to entice your future residents and make them feel more welcome. An entertainment-focused package with an Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear virtual reality headset would certainly do the trick.

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Not to mention, a popular demographic in the multifamily realm is Millennials, a generation that has grown up surrounded by technology and always demands the latest and greatest on the market.

Community Entertainment

Finally, virtual reality can be used to bring multifamily communities together through entertainment.

VR gaming competitions can be held throughout the community without everyone needing to gather in one place. Likewise, special events within the community—such as a concert—could be live streamed via VR, and residents could experience the event from the comforts of their own home.

This would be especially appealing to residents who want to feel included but are maybe home sick or have a sleeping baby they can’t leave alone.

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However one looks at it, virtual reality presents excellent options in all stages of the multifamily process. From selling to closing to keeping clients satisfied, this technology is sure to be a multifamily hit.

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