Water Research Foundation Publishes 2 Tech-Focused Projects

Water Research Foundation Publishes 2 Tech-Focused Projects

The Water Research Foundation (WRF) just published two projects related to innovative water technologies, from smart irrigation to energy recovery systems.

The water conservation technology project (#4227) explores the use of smart irrigation controllers to prevent over-irrigation. The energy recovery technology project (#4447) investigates in-line hydrokinetic turbines (ILT) within a potable water distribution system.

Both projects were funded through WRF’s Tailored Collaboration program, which includes the participation of other utility companies. These companies can leverage research funding for a project they propose and share research outcomes with other companies. Orange County Utilities (Fla.) partnered with WRF on project #4227 and Halifax Water partnered with WRF on project #4447.

“These research projects demonstrate how utilities partner with the Water Research Foundation to move technology forward,” said Rob Renner, Chief Executive Office of the WRF, in a press release.

“By leveraging funding through the Tailored Collaboration program, the partnering utilities were able to make important advances in water and energy conservation for themselves and the entire water community.”

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Key findings from project #4227 show that smart irrigation controllers conserve water for both residential and commercial properties that historically over irrigate by efficiently scheduling irrigation, and may help water utilities extend their portfolio of water resources.

Project #4447 documents the installation and operation of an in-line hydrokinetic turbine (ILT) and generator. It also investigates pressure and flow transients and their impacts. There were also studies performed on the effects on downstream water quality from significant and rapid fluctuations of pressure and flow that result from both normal and upset operating conditions of an ILT.

Water technology, conservation and energy recovery are all considerably important green topics in the TecHome industry, especially in areas where water is scarce, such as California. These two projects from WRF will further educate builders using these technologies, therefore enhancing their business potential … all while saving the environment as well.

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